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MotoadventureSA HQ is a MUST VISIT for all adventure riders.

The entire family is welcome.

Our weekly get together takes place on a Wednesday night.

During the jolly Wednesday night festivities we have meals on offer, the menu changes each week, but holds mainly spare rib & chip.

Our doors are open on Saturdays for main sport events that can be viewed on a big screen (bring & braai).

We have available accommodation that we rent out to dual-purpose bike riders visiting Cape Town. There are a few choices, either reminisce about yesteryear when you sleep over in the ox wagon or you can opt for the guest room inside.

If you have a passion for nature, love exploring back roads and are a responsible bike rider you are always welcome to join us.

Please enquire for cost indication on any of the above.

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Contact Us

Mouton van Zyl

082 658 2795